Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm supposed to be studying right now. Slap bang in the middle of my exams. I've cleaned cupboards, sorted books and papers, cooked, eaten, and everything else. Now I'm blogging again. Well, just one post to keep my eye in - it's been bloody ages. Dunno how this is gonna pan out - I blog when the mood strikes, and work doesn't allow blogging. so the mood has to strike after work - which doesn't happen very much at all ;)

I'm having an affair...

She's a dark temptress. I'm with her all the time these days. Everyone is always telling me she's a bad influence, that she's not good for me - but to me she's sweet, effervescent and she always manages to cheer me up. I once decided to break it off and went a whole 6 months without her. I saw her around a lot though and pretty much inevitably wound up back in her arms. It's almost as if I'm addicted to her. Our relationship began so long ago I can hardly remember when it started. I think I was about 6 or 7 when we met, and very soon after that we consummated our relationship. She tastes so sweet...

OK fine I'm talking about Coca Cola ;)

And in other news -

My maid has forfeited her steel wool privileges. No more will my tender plastics and utensils feel the brunt of her steely wrath. I've thrown all the steel wool out. She can scrub just fine with a sponge.

I've been receiving a lot of anti xenophobia invites through stuff like facebook. First of all - this is gonna be over in a week or two, then I would have to go through all the trouble of leaving the group. Second - yeah sure it's xenophobia and we can all agree its bad, but then you'd have to join all the other crap we all think is bad, and where would that stop? Join the anti-nazi group, the anti-racism group, the anti-anti group, the anti-cancer group, anti-genocide? If people already condemn it, what point joining a group? It's not as if there's a pro-xenophobia group. Is there? Third - are these fuckers who're killing each other on facebook? Are they on the internet? Do they know what the internet is?

I guess what I'm saying is I'm way too cynical to join stuff like that - this is just my point of view though. I think one of my groups is a cynicism one anyway. I join groups cos it's easier than writing out my likes and dislikes in my profile.

Well that came off pretty darn preachy. In my defence - it's been a while since I've done this ;)


lordwiggly said...

Sweet Chews, see you at the Anti-Xenophobia march/rally on Sunday!!

boldly benny said...

Hmm good to see you musing on your blog!

Ruby said...


The Blonde Blogshell said...

One of your groups should be the procrastination group!

I used to chair that group when I was studying!! hahaha!'re a bugger...I got all excited at the juiciness ('scuse the pun) of your affair.
Damn Coca cola.
haha Nice to see you blogging's about damn time :-)

Glugster said...

Why do you have to belong to a group to be anti-something?

Ansophie said...

ek dink coke is nie si bad vir jou, jy klink die tipe wat dit nodig, hm en die suur in mens se maag is vanself nog sterker as allie cokes
ek self hou nie van coke, mar eks amper vyftig
ja en as die xenos mens se dogtertjie se skoolskone begeer ...dis nou my bure in Alex , dan wonner mens ook, want soms gan dit om pap innie oggend


or die

somethien laaik that

(askies ek praat kak) hehe jys funny, jy lat my smile

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

there's nothing worse than when the maid scrubs the bath with steel wool!!!

trauma_faeri said...

Yay! A Leo in SA blogging. How nice. With great taste in music I might add, but I decided not to :P

Anyhoo just thought I'd stop by and say hello, so take care.

trauma_faeri said...

Haha, I came back because of your message