Sunday, March 30, 2008

A weekend of introspective

Here's another one, although don't click here if you're easily offended ;)

Funnily enough I spent most of the weekend indoors sipping hot chocolate. I really tear through the stuff in cold weather. Mostly that's because I know how to make it the "proper" way. Firstly - only Nestlè will do, no other hot chocolate they sell locally tastes better. Second - FOLLOW the damn instructions on the tin! Thats all there is to it, it's not that complicated, dunno why you keep fucking it up.

I must say a woman who knows how to make hot chocolate properly immediately gets an extra point on my scale out of ten. And vice versa - I was a visiting a girl with a friend of mine, doing our IT thing to get her laptop going again, middle of winter. She kindly offered to make us hot chocolate. Being the manwhores that we are, we can't say no to that. As she turns to leave, she asks how many sugars we want... That shoulda been the sign. Sugar?!? In hot chocolate? I knew then and there she was a philistine.

No matter that she was hot - she dropped about a point right then, and another when the hot chocolate arrived. I had to ask her if she'd just stirred the water with a spoon that had been near the hot chocolate for a few seconds or something. It was watery as hell. We did our thing and headed straight back home for some Publish Postreal hot chocolate.

I come off as a total fanatic right there huh? We prefer the term "purist". Hehe. I've been reading way too much of The Cynic's Sanctuary as well this weekend. Trying to find something on their list to not be cynical about. It's hard realizing you're a cynic... Actually - it's easy, you just try to wonder why everyone isn't already ;)


phillygirl said...

I'm with you on the no sugar in my hot choc, please!

As someone who drinks neither coffee nor tea, hot chocolate is my warm drink of choice ... and as such I see no problem with your purist attitude ;) I completely relate!

Bridget said...

Yes to the hot chocolate.

The Cadbury's one almost got me off hot chocolate for life. The color was disgusting.

Hide and Seek winner, JUST EVIL! Hee hee hee!

Ruby said...

i was going to say that i'm a bit of a hot chocolate whore, and then realised it would sound all wrong......i love hot chocolate, is all i meant OK?

anyway, i think your purist attitude to hot chocolate is wonderful and i wish more guys would be like that. Most of my friends consider all hot chocolates to be equal, make it extremely watery and always add tons of sugar....i've reverted to always asking for rooibos tea and rather just having hot choc at home.

livingladolcevita said...


"hide and seek champion"

*wipes tears from eyes*

Bad chewie, bad.


Treacle Tits (which made me laugh out loud again)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hot choc is the bomb!! YUMMY!!

I have the best recipe's been passed down my family and it is THE BEST...I'm Swiss after all and we all know what the Swiss are best known for!! YUMMY!!!!

ChewTheCud said...

Philly - I don't touch coffee or tea either ;)

Bridget - Cadbury's one is nasty. It's like cocoa and sugar.

Ruby - All my mates have Hot choc at my place. They call it mud ;)

Dolce - Anything for you hun ;)

Blondie - Recipe? Hot Chocolate? I'm intrigued now. What does it involve? Send it to me please ;)

boldly benny said...

Hmm I pride myself on my hot choc making but must be honest... I'd be rather nervous to concoct you a cup. Hmm, I NEVER put sugar in it so that might help.
But it's always like that, when you make a beverage a certain way and you see someone veering from your personal recipe, you think to yourself, "It's going to be a fuck up!"
Best of luck with the hunt for the perfect girl/hot chocolate maker ;-)