Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Randomness Has Got Me Again

Help....? ;)

You know what irritates me? Astrology! Here's a website that explains the whole sordid mess, and it's written for kids, so that even they can realise it's all a bunch of crap. Why people stop believing in Santa Claus but carry on reading the horoscopes every morning is beyond me. The Japaneses have a way that makes marginal more sense, and it's based around your blood type. It's also a bunch of crap, but is slightly more believable than "I'm not in control of my life - a bunch of stars a billion miles away are".

Then again, I suppose those things seem more like a religion than scientology. Don't even get me started ;)

I suppose a post like this is inevitable, considering I can't blog at work, so I get to surf a LOT. Here's some linklove -

Midget Goat Porn - self explanatory really.
An Awareness Test - I failed ;)
I finished this and never noticed - Dammit!


Glugster said...

If you want to know your future or fate just ask me. I can also be sufficiently vague with my predictions that it is almost guaranteed to come true in some way.

BTW - I see money sometime in your future. As a matter a fact I see it next week.

Riallin said...

I found a youtube video about astrology thats really informative:


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

you surf midget goat porn at work?

ChewTheCud said...

Glugster - Next time I want to see more money!

Riallin - Awesome! I wanted to link the pic there too, but forgot ;)

EMACT - I wish I could - all my dodgy stuff gets done at home, away from the firewalls of work ;)

Riallin said...

Chewthecud: Yeah man, I felt the huge urge to do so... speaking of which, http://rickroll.prankdialer.com/ is a great site to call people in the USA (such as gary, your old friend who put me on to your blog...)

ChewTheCud said...

Riallin - Ta. Alls I need now is Gary Dummy's number. Think he's playing lotsa WoW or something cos I haven't seen him around in ages.