Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bones To Pick

I bought a big bag of chappies bubblegum over the weekend. Nothing like sugary rubber! It say assorted fruit flavors on the bag and should contain 200. Well it's not assorted. I count 3 types - red, green... and banana, with banana by far the most prevalent. Grabbing a handful I counted 6 banana's before I hit a red.There was a green left and 2 more bananas. I HATE banana flavor chappies. I think I got given roughly 150 banana flaovors and the rest green and red. Does anyone even know what green and red are supposed to be? Cherry and apple?

What the hell is wrong with the Joburg Roads Agency? There's fucking potholes everywhere. I'm gonna have to take my car to get my wheels aligned again soon. Do yourself and everyone a favor today people, report a pothole - even if it's just to see how useless they can prove themselves to be.

And that brings to a close my bones to pick. It feels pretty cool when you realise that's the full extent of what's annoying you. My life is awesome ;)


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh dear!! Banana chappies. Yuck. I have NEVER given thought to what the flavours are...if I can blow bubbles, I'm a happy little chappy! Get it?
See...my life is just as exciting! LOL!!

Glugster said...

WTF are you going to do with 200 chappies?!?!?!?!?

You can send the banana flavoured ones my way. I'm easy. (But I'm not cheap!)

boldly benny said...

I don't mind banana chappies. You should've bought wicks - one flavour so no unexpected flavour surprises.

Ruby said...

i hate banana chappies!!!!

I'm glad you have an awesome life...that makes two of us:)